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Do you need a damp survey, woodworm examination, condensation appraisal, wall tie investigation or simply advice on waterproofing your basement or repairing cracked walls? Why not request PermaFix to investigate, assess and evaluate any issues that you have with your home?

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Basement Damp Survey Inspection

Survey Times and Cost

Whilst we prefer to keep survey appointments within the normal working hours of the week, we recognise that this is not always convenient with our customers. If you require an inspection of your property outside of normal hours then we will do our best to accommodate you.

A standard damp survey, woodworm inspection or wall tie appraisal is normally carried out FREE of charge. A small fee may be charged for out-of-hours inspections.

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Note about Damp Surveys

If you suspect damp in your home then it is vital that you call an expert in order that the type and cause of the excess moisture can be correctly identified. Common symptoms of damp in houses may include:

  • Black mould growth on internal walls and ceilings
  • Moss and litchens on brickwork
  • Rotting window frames, skirting boards or floorboards
  • Rusting wall ties and other metal fixings
  • Peeling wall paper or flaking paint
  • Damp stains or patches on walls
  • Tidemarks and salts in downstair rooms

But do you know whether these symptoms are caused by rising damp, penetrating damp or by condensation? Our expert team of damp surveyors will investigate the source of dampness and provide you with honest and reliable advice on how best to solve the problem; we will not recommend an expensive treatment that isn’t needed.