Structural Repairs

Perma-Fix specialise in structural repairs and remedial reinforcement techniques, which strengthen brick, block and stone buildings that are cracked or otherwise affected by movement. From simple crack stitching and repointing to retrofitting masonry reinforcement systems that transform existing brickwork into reinforced brick beams that are able to carry verified loads; we do it all.

We have access to the latest and unique Thor Helical range of masonry reinforcing products through our membership of the Twistfix Registered Contractor scheme.

Masonry Repair

Our technicians have years of experience in fitting helical ties, reinforcement and lateral restraint products to provide our customers with a discrete, non-disruptive and highly cost effective solution for many forms of structural upgrading including; crack stitching, lintel repairs, lateral restraints, remedial wall ties and bed joint reinforcement, all of which are all used to strengthen wall structures.

Masonry Repair
Masonry Repair
Crack Stitching Brickwork

Cracked masonry is best stabilised by fixing stainless steel bars into slots cut into appropriate bed joints. Structural repairs include installing high tensile helical bars to stitch across vertical or diagonal fractures in order to re-connect the parted brickwork. Tensile loads are redistributed along the helibars to provide resilience to further developments of the crack.

Lateral Restraint

Bowing or leaning walls can be restrained by tying the wall back to the floor diaphragm. Strategically placed lateral restraint ties and straps can transfer the outward stain on the wall into the main building through its flooring structure. The restraints will lock the wall in place to arrest further buckling tendencies of the bulging wall.

Structural Repairs of Unsupported Masonry

Brick and stone walls can fail where they are not adequately supported. Examples include subsidence, localised drain failure and the replacement of wooden or steel windows with non-structural UPVC frames. Fortunately PermaFix have a solution that negates the need for expensive rebuilding work. High tensile bed-joint reinforcement bars are placed within the walls to form the top and bottom chords of a deep masonry beam. The beam is able to carry a specific load over a given span to support the area of weakened masonry and to transfer vertical loads to areas of brickwork that are able to carry them.

Our structural repairs are typically carried out externally and are hidden discretely within the mortar bed joints to minimise the disfiguration that might occur if using other reinforcing methods.